January 28

I offer lifetime support for free to my first 100 subscribers

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Welcome back,


A few days ago I offered you a review about the power of The Clickbank Passive Income Program but I forgot to mention that the free software and training you will get, comes in a bundle with my free lifetime help and support BONUSES.


Let me give you an offer you cannot refuse. If you decide to go with this program through my affiliate link, you will become my subscriber. The first 100 subscribers will get:


  • free software and training
  • free unlimited Skype help sessions (I answer any question about internet marketing)
  • free 100 e-books covering in-depth affiliate marketing
  • free installation of your domain name + web hosting setup (I install everything for you)
  • free installation of WordPress for you
  • free Clickbank account creation (is done by me)
  • free autoresponder account assisted setup (I will guide you how to do it)
  • free Facebook Fan Page (I create the fan page for you or I guide you how to do it)
  • free 1 spot into my Hotjar feedback team
  • free unlimited TeamViewer support (I offer you remote assistance free of charge anytime)


All of this to ensure that you will get the best that others cannot afford. However, if you decide to leave someday, I’m not asking for anything back, the bonuses and setups remain yours.


When I first got started, I didn’t have the support and help I’m offering you right now and that is because everyone else will charge you for these services wherever you go.


I know that my support will save you a lot of time and will answer many of your questions. I want to remind you that the offer is limited to 100 people that are joining right now.


After the spots are filled NO ACCESS will be available, the gates will be closed and this blog post will be taken down.





February 12

How does it feel after starting up two weeks ago

starting up


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Welcome back,


I started this blog 14 days ago and I want to do a small retrospective of the results I got so far. I have over a thousand visitors so far and 8 comments to my articles.


That is better than no results at all, right? When I got started I posted 8 hours a day full time. Now I have to do this rarely on weekends because I’m busy working the rest of the week.


In my previous posts, I talked about how starting up and not keep going will affect you in the long run. We all have days when we get cozy and comfortable, procrastinating and deviate from the road we are walking.


I have times when it seems that writing a blog post is so overwhelming and I understand if you are in the same position.


Inspiration goes off, you don’t know what to write about anymore and you feel that your online business is dying.


These are the moments when you must “pull hard” and force your way through because the results that you want are coming exactly when you feel like quitting.


When I have these moments I go quickly and read an e-book or watch a video that can give me some insights about writing an article.


For example, I watched this video where Leo talks about balancing in your life and in your business.


It wasn’t easy to start writing this article, but I have a goal set up that says: “Keep your blog updated at least weekly


So, instead of writing about affiliate marketing stuff, today I created an overview of my results that I got from the time I got started until today.


I’m very pleased with these results and I know that there is room for improvement. Back in 2009 having over 1 K visitors on your blog in two weeks was a far away dream never to come true.


That is why many affiliates didn’t keep their blogs updated. They starting up and do the work for a couple of days without seeing any tangible results then move on to something else and so on.


The problem with an outdated blog is that it gets unindexed by the search engine, never to be found again (deleted).


What you have to lose in this situation is “time“. You waste time starting up and wanting results as quickly as possible and then you quit next day.


Then you feel guilty about it and you do it all over again running in an endless circle. As hard as it may seem, just keep up posting content.


Use the comments down below to share your story about your startup in online business if you have one.


PS: If you don’t have the tools to start your own online business I created for you “The Offer You Cannot Refuse” which I give to 100 people only. You get the tools and my unlimited lifetime support on how to use them. Make sure you grab it.


Thank you for your time,