July 8

Hppassiveincome.com is now on Steemit


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Welcome back,


Here at hppassiveincome.com we post rarely but strong. Internet marketing has evolved in the next 3 years and now the social media does.

We all love Facebook right? Why? Because it connects us with people “we might know” and we all agree to join and stay on it.

Have you ever wondered socializing online and get paid for this at the same time? The concept that started this year.

I will write it BIG:




Almost like Facebook but better. Why? Because you get paid to like, share, comment on other people’s content and the posts you make are private from public’s or any authority’s eyes because they are encrypted.

Getting paid sounds good, but imagine how easy it is to promote your business there for FREE while you get paid for your actions.

About getting paid:

  • it’s about cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)
  • you need a wallet
  • having an online income it’s not about paper money after all


So, if you are familiar with Bitcoin, how to mine it and how to use it, this is for you. If not I regret to inform you that is not paper money.

It’s all about electronic money. And electronic money can’t be inflated.


The call for action is to joins Steemit.com and learn about Bitcoin while you are at it. This way, what you do on Facebook, will stay the same, the only difference is that you get paid for what you do on demand.


Ready to join? Remember that all your posts on this social network will pay you. And if you have a Clickbank account and an email list, the better. Get paid from 3 sources.

Click Here To Join Me At Steemit.com