January 23

About Me and hppassiveincome.com

vlad sandu

Hello, my name is Vlad, I’m from Romania and I created this blog to help new affiliates starting their first online business.


My Story


I started affiliate marketing back in September 2009 with Clickbank, trying to figure out ways to generate some commissions for myself as extra income besides my job.


I must admit that I’ve failed several times but I also had a few sales, which I don’t want to brag about right now.


Most of my failures were because of my lack of focus and the fixed mindset that I had back then.


I want this blog to be an inspiration for you guys and for me as well, as I want to prove myself that “I can do it”


I’m a “keep it short and sweet” type of person. I don’t like fluff or confusing other people as I don’t like to get confused by others either.

If you feel this blog is for you and you like my content, please comment, share it and engage with me in conversation genuinely.

Spam will not be tolerated here, as nobody likes it.

Enjoy your stay!