May 9

How to think like an entrepreneur (while working from 9-5)


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Okay, do entrepreneurs actually have a different mindset from regular people? Studies have proven that successful entrepreneurs indeed do share certain traits that in some way turns out to be the generally accepted recipe for success.


Either these attributes were just natural traits or habits the picked off along the way, these are certain things you should be open to if you indeed want to set yourself in a great leadership position someday.

Now, I do understand the complexity in keeping a full-time job and trying to manage your own business or even build the right attitude towards following up the right career path.

That’s why I am putting down 3 easy ways to put yourself ahead while still on the run.


  1. Put Career First:


You will have to understand that in other to benefit more you need to surround yourself with those who you can benefit from (career wise) and also, a job that falls in with what you aspire to create for yourself.

Now, this could be really tough as most times you would have to consider your income. But of what use is it to get a high-paying job that doesn’t secure you financially(on the long run) and robs you of time and happiness.

Seek out a chance to do something other than your paying job which is also helping build your career.
All you need is time and extra handwork towards achieving your dream. And this doesn’t come so easy.

2. Put yourself out there:


The logic is changing and the system has changed with it. 10 years ago, companies were more interested in sourcing out skilled hands, and replacing when needed. It was all about “who is fits for the job”
And investing in equipment and structures.


But that is changing as thousands of world brands consider employee investment and ideas key to success.


No matter what position you hold in your firm, employers right now require staffs who  have focus, can invest on a long-term (that’s why most firms are concerned about your expenses or try to set up a program to support tuition for your kids), self-reliance, leadership skills, sales skills and so much more.


All these are undeniable a few recipes you need to becoming a successful entrepreneur and we have large firms out there judging you by this attributes, you should take advantage of these things and start off in your area of focus.

3. Learn to quit:


Let’s assume you finally achieved that dream position you always wanted at your firm, well? That’s your hard work paying off but don’t get too comfortable.

You should have a target as an entrepreneur in the making and these targets should be measured with time. Don’t you ever get too comfortable at a particular spot.

“If you aren’t where you want to be, then you should be relaxed”.

No matter they amount of experience you have gotten from your current job, I believe there is still a lot more out there to explore.

Once you achieve you desired goal at a certain spot, it is very necessary you go out there and test the waters. This doesn’t just build up your experience but builds so network.



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