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Feedly, what is it and how to use it

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Looks like I write rarely about affiliate tools since I started this blog, so I intend to blog about them from time to time.


In this article, I describe one of the essential tools in your affiliate marketing arsenal. Introducing…




This is a place where you can save any websites you are following as a reader and organize them they way you want, in whatever order you want.


All the content that you read and follow, can be organized into collections of information. From there, you can share the content on all social media sites you are connected to, with a single click.


Imagine how hard it is to look for information on different websites and forgetting the URL you visited. Or how many websites in the same niche you visit once, but you forget to save the website for later.


Even if you save websites to your favorites or bookmarks, you don’t know when they get updated and when they don’t.


This is where Feedly comes in. You just sign up for a free account, create a collection name like “Make money online” or “Movies” and save your favorite websites there.


Anytime you want you can access not only those websites as is but you will see updates on every article the author wrote.


You can plug in a Youtube channel there and see what the owner of the channel posts in a chronological order so you don’t miss anything.


You can also search for any niche that you like directly from your account and add in any feeds with a single click.


It has a very user-friendly interface. It saves you time figuring out how to subscribe to a blog’s feed manually.


You just have to create a free account and log in. I don’t have to tell you where to click with your mouse. Anyone can figure out in 2 seconds. That’s how easy it is.


It has a mobile app too so you can use it on any smartphone or tablet you own. It connects mostly to any social media account you have.




Feedly can be used as a tool for inspiration. Instead of searching for videos and articles that are inspiring you all over the web, you better organize every website you follow into one place and keep up with the updates without having to guess when something new came up in your niche.


I use it to read the blogs I follow and inspire me to write articles and save a lot of time than doing all my research manually. Use it well.


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