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GetResponse – a free startup for online small business owners


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If you are on the path to start your internet marketing career, you will need all kinds of tools at your disposal.


Email marketing is one of them. You need it but is not a must. It produces 90% of commissions for you, on a daily basis, though.


What does it do?


  • It collects all of your prospects into a list.
  • Sends an automated email to your list.
  • Personalizes your writings
  • Creates landing pages for you
  • Tracks your visitors for you
  • Conducts surveys


Having someone’s email address it’s like a golden nugget. You can always present your offer in front of that person.


That person will refuse it a lot of times, but the day when he/she needs it and will appeal to it (to you). Your job is to make sure is always there.


And you will make a sale. No doubt. All you need to know is that you must not be absent with your offer.


That is what a service like GetResponse does for you.


You create a landing page with their service and get leads. You turn those leads into prospects in the long run.


If they join via your landing page, they are definitely interested in buying from you, but not instantly (well, some are)


GetResponse is the connection, between your service or product and your clients while you are away from your computer.


All you have to do is to write an email and blast it to your list. That list you collect via your landing page after you set an offer, people are eager to join you for.


How to use it?


First of all Google it. Then…


  • Create 30 days free trial account with them
  • Create a landing page that you can put on your website
  • Send promo emails with the affiliate links to your prospects by writing helpful content
  • Collect your commissions afterward


You can use their landing page software, to create one.


GetResponse can be used to promote any product you have. Cosmetics, health products, e-books, medicines, software, computers,…



…any website you have.



Just make sure you make some money on your promotion and that your clients are enjoying your products.


PS: I work with Clickbank and I offer free lifetime support to 4 of my subscribers that are joining me in The Clickbank Passive Income Program


Those people will get a full affiliate marketing package and more, much more…..

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