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Joint venturing with others

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Now I will talk about the joint venture and why is good for affiliate marketing. Let’s find out what it is first.




The joint venture is a model of business where two or more people are sharing the ownership of that business online or offline.


It doesn’t matter who starts the business model, that is the fun. If someone decides to give his/hers business model to a partner (you) that’s awesome.


The number of partnerships into this business model is unlimited. Basically, you can partner up with many people at once in one place.




Let’s say that Bob starts an online business and decides to joint venture with you and as many other people as he wants.


He just needs to create his product and start a joint venture funnel for his partners. He puts at your disposal all the tools you need to promote the product.


You will get a percentage from the sales you make. All you have to do is to sign up to the partner you want to do business with.


Starting up


You can go at JV Notify Pro website and sign up there. You will find a lot of people like Bob that are looking to partner with you in order to promote their product and have an associate.


One of my friends, John Chow talks about joint venture in more details in his article here.


It helps you drive traffic to your blog faster. You can partner up into business with your competitors and form a bigger business.


You can borrow other marketers authority to boost your reputation in your niche by using the JV method.


It’s a good way to get started when you have a blog started and you are established online for some time. You need some experience before you get started.


Reasearch first and see if JV is for you, and if it’s not then try something else. I want to try it in the future and I will annouce it on my blog when it happens.


Final thoughts


Please comment in the section below if you have a JV partnership with somebody and how does it work for you and if don’t have one share with us how do you want it to be?


PS: If you didn’t start your affiliate funnel yet, I have for you all the tools that you need to get started and my lifetime unlimited support in “The Offer You Cannot Refuse”


It’s limited to 5 people so make sure you get on board fast.


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