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Why do you need a job besides your online business

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Let me be you for a second and feel what you feel when you get started. Or maybe you tried enough times and still didn’t make it (money online).


A lot of people like me and you are doing the crucial mistake of believing that having an online business means to quit your job and go full-time online.


I bought this one too, and you as well I guess, plenty of time and several times as well. Thinking that if you succeed online, you will make enough money and you will have enough time for everything.


I learned that is not a good start for anybody. What you see out there about making money so easily with an email list and dreaming for sales every day while having a billion subscribers in a snap is a big lie.


Let me tell you from my experience that every successful man or woman alive or dead right now, didn’t get that success overnight.


All of them started as an employee. Some with high degree education, some just with high school or just a few years of school just to learn how to talk, write and do some easy math.


But all of them had something in common. Self-education and a job.


Can’t pay your bills just praying and doing online work all day. But you can become successful and quit your job in the end.


All you have to do is to allocate one hour per day or whatever you want (X time) to your online business after you come home from work.


But forget about success overnight from an online business. No matter how many articles you write or how many videos you create, it won’t happen then and there.


Why? Because people don’t like to sell something to them, they want to buy on their free will. That’s what you must give them. A reason.


So work at it. Everyday. For a few minutes, One hour or maybe two. Don’t overwhelm yourself a full month and then get tired.


Your blog will be online 24 / 7. So when someone decides to feel you and give you some credit, they will do it while you sleep. Just keep your work daily and your job as a guarantee for bills.


And tell me when you quit your job for your online business. I will, when time comes. Until then, I will work with people that are dedicated to their cause. Like you.


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Thank you for your time,



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